Other Links

  • Lauren Dukoff
    World class photographer, whose work is often featured on this blog and has been seen in countless magazines.  She produced many of the publicity stills for Blood From Stars and Reverie, some of my favorite Joe Henry photography to date.  She has published a book called Family, which documents the extended musical family of musician Devendra Banhart.
  • Michael Wilson
    Another amazing photographer, who has worked with JH, as well as musicians such as Allen Toussaint, Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, Over The Rhine and Lyle Lovett.
  • Largo at the Coronet
    One of the finest music venues in America, West Hollywood’s Largo at the Coronet is a historic and intimate venue that has played host to Joe Henry many times.
  • City Winery, NYC
    When Joe Henry plays in New York City, he often plays here.
  • Time Is A Lion, Stefan’s Joe Henry blog
  • The Hurst Review
    Former home of the world’s foremost authority on Joe Henry’s music, Josh Hurst.  No longer updated regularly but worth combing through the archives.
  • Looking Closer by Jeffrey Overstreet (hosted by Patheos)
  • Joe Henry on NPR
  • New Era Guitars
    Joe Henry plays vintage guitars almost exclusively.  However, Tony Klassen built him one of his Señorita replicas, which has now become one of JH’s go-to guitars.  Plans are in the works for a Joe Henry Signature edition guitar, based on a 30’s era Washburn.
  • Fretboard Journal, Issue #26
    Certainly Fretboard Journal is one of the nicest guitar magazines available, and Issue #26 is required reading for anyone interested in Joe Henry’s guitars and his playing style.  The article is not available to read online, and I promise you it will be well worth your $16 to pick up this issue.  Also available for purchase in the iTunes store.
  • Equator Coffees: Jack The Bear Espresso
    Yes, Joe Henry even has his own signature espresso roast from Equator Coffees & Teas.  No doubt served up abundantly during sessions at Garfield House.
  • Darrin Ballman
    Cincinnati-based photographer who shot the sessions for Over The Rhine’s Meet Me At The Edge Of The World.

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