Joe Henry on Compared To What Podcast

So as I was loading up my iPod for the trip to Durham, I stumbled upon a wonderful podcast interview with JH.  The Compared To What Podcast is the brainchild of musicians Charlie Hunter and Mocean Worker, and in this conversation between Mocean and JH, they touch upon a variety of topics, including (but by no means limited to) their shared love of Richard Pryor.

Honestly, this is one of the best interviews I've ever heard with JH so do not hesitate to check it out (direct link, iTunes link).

Joe Henry favorite ‘On The Waterfront’ out in new Criterion edition

Some of you may recall that back in 2011, Joe Henry answered a number of questions from Nicolas Ragonneau of Paris DJ's.  Among the very intriguing questions, JH was asked for his 10 Desert Island films.  Turns out many of those titles just so happen to belong to the Criterion Collection film library, and another of Joe's favorites has now been added to the collection.

Elia Kazan's masterpiece On The Waterfront is out this week in a stellar Blu-ray edition, which features three (!) aspect ratios and a pile of new bonus features.  Reviewers are falling all over themselves, and here in February, we already have a contender (sorry) for the strongest hi-def release of the 2013.

Martin Scorsese talks On The Waterfront (excerpted from the bonus feature):

A Tale of Two Aspect Ratios:

Joe Henry featured in Fretboard Journal (plus podcast)

Journalist David Royek was kind enough to alert me that the latest issue of Fretboard Journal features a great article with JH.  This is a really cool publication, especially if you love vintage acoustic guitars.

Even better, JH is featured in an accompanying podcast interview with publisher Jason Verlinde.  You can download the podcast here.

Joe Henry interview in Acoustic Guitar

The May issue of Acoustic Guitar magazine features a wonderful interview with Joe Henry.  He discusses Reverie in depth, of course, but also covers his approach to live amplification and (naturally) his favorite guitars.

You can read the interview online here.  The magazine itself also appears to feature a transcription of a song from Reverie (check the newsstand cover for certain).

Joe Henry interview w/ Paris DJ’s (and other updates)

Nicholas Ragonneau at French music site Paris DJ's has posted a pretty awesome interview with JH.  Quite a few enlightening answers to questions of the "Name your favorite…" variety (Wes Anderson!)

Also upcoming: