Tearing Down The Walls (Huffington Post)

Leonce Gaiter has a rather interesting take on the music of JH over at HuffPo.

UPDATE:  I just noticed that you can download Leonce Gaiter's novel Bourbon Street for $4.00 on Amazon's Kindle (appears to be out of print otherwise).  I haven't read it (yet), but the description sounds pretty doggone good.  And we know Gaiter has great taste in music.

And the year-end praise begins…

Blood From Stars makes an appearance on two Best of 2009 lists:

It's a safe bet that writer/blogger Josh Hurst's influence can be felt on both of these lists.  From what I hear, his own year-end list will be published very soon.

UPDATE:  And in the no-surprises-here category, Josh Hurst has released his Top 15 of 2009, and Blood From Stars comes in at #1!