Joe Henry Early Fall Update… and a brief note

Ed. Note:  I hope this post finds you all well as summer winds down (hopefully sooner for you than for those of us on the Texas Gulf Coast).  If you have stumbled upon this, you might also have noticed how neglected the blog has been in the past few months.  That is due, thankfully, not to any particular life change or tragedy but simply to the never-ending encroachment of real life into the borders of my virtual one.  As such, the time has probably arrived to sort of wind down the blog.

When I started this endeavor, it was mainly with the notion that Joe Henry was a criminally unsung talent.  It has been my great pleasure over the years to see that as less and less of a concern as JH’s reputation and stature has continued to grow and solidify amongst his peers in the industry.  Furthermore, JH himself has become an engaging presence on Facebook, often keeping us apprised of his own projects.  And Stefan’s blog has continued to keep the flame burning when I’ve occasionally allowed mine to dim.

But mostly, I don’t wish to add another item to my list of unfinished or neglected tasks.  Silly as it seems to sign off on something that takes up precious little time, the simple fact is when I have 15 minutes to spare, I’d rather strum my guitar, read a book, walk a dog… almost anything other than sit in front of a computer.

However, I don’t want you to think for a moment that my passion for Joe’s music is in any way diminished.  Music remains the guiding light of my life, and I am fortunate to still be able to consume music often throughout the day.  I still wait on pins and needles to hear the latest project with JH’s fingerprints on it.

As you might imagine, my social media presence has also somewhat diminished, but you might still catch a report from a Joe Henry concert or an Over The Rhine festival.  And I still check my Twitter feed periodically to retweet out the latest JH happenings.  Many kind thanks to all of you have stopped by and often given me encouragement and shared your love of Joe Henry’s music.

With that out of the way, I’ll leave you with this post as we all look forward to the Friday release of Billy Bragg and Joe Henry’s new album, Shine A Light: Field Recordings From The Great American Railroad.

  • Hopefully you have already heard the new solo song released by JH titled “Shook Up The World” dedicated to Muhammad Ali.  It was recorded in the studio very recently with JH’s usual conspirators, and he felt the song deserved to be heard in a timely manner.
  • You can hear Joe and Billy live from WXPN’s studios at Word Café Live
  • The two were the subject of a great article in American Songwriter
  • And on the cover of October’s Acoustic Guitar magazine
  • Chely Wright’s JH-produced record I Am The Rain was released on September 9 – Stefan has a rundown of some great making-of videos for the album
  • Check back later in the week, and I’ll post a rundown of reviews for Shine A Light as they roll in.  In the meantime, I’ll leave you with Joe and Billy’s performance of “Gentle On My Mind”


  1. Thank you for all these years,

    In times where it was not simple to find news about Joe’s career, you shed your light on it !.
    One day, we’ll meet up, and sit, talk, and enjoy music and company together.


  2. David,

    I have really appreciated your efforts over the years.Your introducing me to Over the Rhine is especially memorable. Looking forward to continuing to follow your twitter posts.Thank you for all you’ve done to support Joe and his musical community.

    I’m seeing Joe and Billy in Toronto in October. I am really looking forward to this – when I found they’d covered ‘Early Morning Rain’ I was absolutely thrilled. Hope you get a chance to catch them on this tour.

    Take care, John


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