New Bonnie Raitt album feat. Joe Henry song, out today

Bonnie_RaittBonnie Raitt returned from a long recording hiatus with the release of her last record, the widely acclaimed Slipstream.  The seeds of that record were sown in the basement of Joe Henry’s former residence, Garfield House.  Though much of Slipstream was comprised of tracks recorded later and produced by Raitt herself, four of the tracks from those Garfield sessions – including two Bob Dylan songs and two JH-penned songs – were included and considered among the highlights of the record.

Today Bonnie Raitt releases a welcome follow-up titled Dig In Deep.  Though the record largely contains new recordings (once again produced by Raitt), she felt the inclusion of another song from the Garfield House sessions was appropriate, this one written by JH himself and titled “You’ve Changed My Mind.”  From the Chicago Tribune’s Greg Kot:

On “Dig in Deep,” she ties together devastating performances of Bonnie Bishop’s “Undone” and Joe Henry’s acoustic “You’ve Changed my Mind,” with her own stark composition, “The Ones We Couldn’t Be.”

Check out the song and whole album today.

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