Joe Henry performing solo at Largo, July 19

Joe Henry will be performing a very special solo show at LA's Largo on Friday, July 19.  Tickets are on sale now at Largo's website.

As welcome as that news is, the description of the show contains additional news that will no doubt spark a lot of excitement around here in the near future…

Attention all barracks: this in not a drill…
Songwriter and singer Joe Henry will give a rare solo concert on Friday, July 19th.
This event will mark the first time in 25 years that Mr. Henry shall perform alone by his own volition. Motivated neither by necessity nor threat of violence, it will be an appearance born purely of his own stubborn desire.
The evening’s repertoire will feature songs from throughout his checkered and confusing career, as well as a number of new songs in advance of upcoming album sessions.
Note: Requests always appreciated, though may be batted away like summer flies. The man thinks he knows what he’s doing.

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