Over The RhineIt may come as no surprise, but it is extremely welcome news nonetheless that Over The Rhine have enlisted Joe Henry once again as producer for their next record.  Their first effort with JH at the helm, The Long Surrender, qualifies as both my favorite OtR album and my favorite JH production (outside of his own solo records).  So please forgive my relentless, all-caps enthusiasm.

Joining the band for this journey will be drummer Jay Bellerose (naturally), bassist Jennifer Condos (Tiny Voices, anyone?) and guitarist/pedal steel guitarist Eric Heywood (most recently the subject of a brief profile here).  I'm just as excited about this combination of musicians, who many of you may recognize as the core team of Ray LaMontagne's Pariah Dogs, though their affiliation with JH stretches back many years.

You can still support this record, which has been fan-funded in a similar manner to The Long Surrender.  Let's make a record, indeed.  And here's to a dozen more just like it!

P.S. And don't forget, all you Angelenos, to head down to Largo tonight to catch The Milk Carton Kids, who will be celebrating their brand new record The Ash & Clay with friends like Joe Henry and Over The Rhine.


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