Bellerose/Piltch on new Madeleine Peyroux record ‘The Blue Room’

MadeleinePeyroux04As any Joe Henry fan knows, the pairing of drummer Jay Bellerose and bassist David Piltch often leads to something magical.  The two have reteamed for the latest album from Madeleine Peyroux called The Blue Room (which was released yesterday).  Though her recent albums have featured a co-write with JH, as well as guest appearances from folks like Marc Ribot and Allen Toussaint, this is first time she's nabbed our favorite rhythm section since her (arguably best) record Half The Perfect World.

Fittingly, the record is largely made up of songs that appeared on Ray Charles' landmark album Modern Sounds in Country & Western Music.  Peyroux offers some very unique interpretations, and my initial impression is this is easily her best effort since Perfect World and probably my favorite recording of hers to date.

More info here; order here.

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