Jeffrey Overstreet reflects on Over The Rhine’s ‘The Long Surrender’

Jeff Overstreet is kicking off a track-by-track series of posts about Over The Rhine's The Long Surrender.

I think there are a fair number of OtR fans who regard The Long Surrender as their finest work (Overstreet among them).  And I think, as I've spent an entire year with the album, that it is definitely my favorite Joe Henry production (outside of his own work, of course).  It seems the first time that JH really produced an artist whose work and career closely reflect the tragectory of his own.  By all appearances, it was a mutually enjoyable experience, and I for one hope that The Long Surrender will only be the first JH production in the Over The Rhine discography.

I'll have much more to say about The Long Surrender in the coming weeks when I reflect back a bit on a very big year for Joe Henry.

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