‘Reverie’ album release show @ Largo, October 11

Joe Henry will welcome the release of his new album Reverie in high style by performing the album in its entirety at Largo's Coronet Theater in West Hollywood.  The show will take place on the release date of October 11, and tickets are on sale now via Largo's website.

Here are a few words from JH about the show:

My new album, "Reverie," will release on October 11, and as such, I have been invited to perform that very evening at the historic Largo/Coronet Theatre in West Hollywood; and I have accepted. It is my plan to perform the new album in its entirety –all 14 songs, none of which have I ever sung from a stage– and with the core musicians with whom it was brewed, bottled, and corked.

I have no ambition to recreate the album in performance, but rather will scheme to use it as a point of departure. I learned a lot about the songs from committing them to 'tape,' and hope that they will speak for themselves and at least as expansively in the blazing light of darkness that is the Coronet Theatre. I am, after all, at their service; and tremendously excited to see what will happen when my brothers and I put match to their cracked and dry tender.

I hope you will join us. Semi-formal attire is requested of all attending but will not be furiously enforced. We are, suffice to say, trusting each other, aren't we?

And, yes, I'll be there.

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