Over The Rhine giveaway (and JH tribute contest)

UPDATE 2/9/2011:  The contest is now closed, and I'll be compiling the winners over the next few days.  The album is now officially available via most digital outlets, etc.  You can read an extended interview with Over The Rhine about the making of The Long Surrender here.


Though it's been available on their website for a couple of months, Over The Rhine's latest effort The Long Surrender will be generally available in about a week or so.  In honor of it's release – not to mention the fact that it's one of Joe Henry's finest productions – I've got three copies of the CD to give to you JH fans.  If you haven't already heard it, this is great opportunity to hear one of 2010's – or 2011's – best releases.

I should also mention that in an era when most CD's aren't worth owning the physical artifact, The Long Surrender is a real treat.  Much like JH's own records, it is packed with photography, lyrics and, of course, an essay from Joe.

So here are the ways to win:

  • Simply drop me an email with "OTR giveaway" in the subject line.  Also note your location (continental U.S. or outside U.S.), as I'm going to separate the entries — one winner for the U.S. and one for non-U.S residents.
  • If you would like to have your name entered to win TWICE — this is the fun part — write a few words about what Joe Henry's music – a song, album or just his music generally — means to you personally.  I will publish all entries on the blog.  Please be as verbose or as brief as you like.  I can publish them anonymously or with your name, but I would like to include your location.
  • The third winner will be selected by me from the pool of tributes.

As I've often mentioned, I've had the great fortune of hearing from many JH fans all over the world, and I thought this might be a nice way to let the fans have a forum as well.

The contest will run through February 8, 2011 (the official release date for The Long Surrender), and I'll notify the winners and post the entries shortly thereafter.


  1. i just received the new CD in the mail. it’s all so beautiful…the lyrics, the voices, the packaging…and joe henry’s intro. where have i been and how could i have missed him? i think i have a crush.

  2. I like the choice of songs and there is nothing wrong with the playing of the instruments–although there is a certain careful polish to the playing…it lacks a certain rough passion that I like in blues. I almost get the feeling that Laurie wanted the playing to be perfect and thus didn’t take chances, nor jam enough. It would have been fun to hear some out-takes or jamming.

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