Pre-order Over The Rhine’s ‘The Long Surrender’ – download immediately!

OtR_2 Over The Rhine recently sent fans who pre-ordered The Long Surrender back in April a download link for the new album.  Now everybody can pre-order the new record and receive immediate access to the album digitally.

The Long Surrender was produced by Joe Henry at his Garfield House studio and features a number of Joe's regular players (Greg Leisz, Jay Bellerose, David Piltch).  Obviously, it has my highest recommendation.  The physical album should start shipping in December.

Don't forget also that JH will be joining OtR for two very special hometown shows in Cincinnati on December 17 & 18.  On the 17th, the band will play the entire album at a smaller venue, followed on the 18th by a full-blown show at the Taft Theater.  On Sunday, December 19, the band will play an intimate acoustic show.  You can purchase tickets for all three shows for $200 here.

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