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  1. Hey David,
    Stefan from ‘Time is a Lion’

    We are almost 4 years later, since this post. I stumbled on it during my search on JH info.

    Off course I also think sometimes : “wouldn’t it be great if Joe worked with…..”

    It’s harder for me to put names on it, (although I have some) but my thinking goes more into general project ideas.
    Projects that, I think, are wonderful for both Joe as the musicians. I was f.e. delighted to hear Joe’s producing Caitríona O’Leary. I don’t really know her, but I learned she is more a classical trained singer of early music. I believe something Joe’s not really done before (correct me if I’m wrong).

    A first one for me is producing fairly new artists, displaying their amazing talents, but open for a full career of evolution. I would say Anna Calvi. This links nicely to Josh’s post, since she is compared a lot to P.J. Harvey.

    Another one, on the other side of the spectrum, is producing icons or legends in the music bussiness. Already a respected career, but working with Joe might give them another fresh and interesting album. Josh Hurst kept Bob Dylan for Jack white, but mentioned Elton John and Elvis Costello.
    I would say : No other than T. Waits. Those 2 together…. Can’t imagine anything else but musical fireworks.

    Beisdes that, I was thinking of instrumental albums, like a Jazz trio, or quartet,…. or a string quartet,….

    There are so many ideas, Where I think Joe would make an excellent contribution. That’s why (can I say?) we love him.

    He has an excellent nose for great projects, so I’ll let it all come towards me, and enjoy them.


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