JH featured in Steve Almond’s ‘Rock And Roll Will Save Your Life’

"There was a time when women may have wanted to have my babies.  Now it's just middle-aged men who want my guitar pick.  Or want to take me home and play me their Joe Henry records."

Chuck Prophet, as quoted in Rock And Roll Will Save Your Life

Author/essayist Steve Almond has penned a tribute to what he calls "drooling fanaticism," and naturally Joe Henry gets a chapter in the book.  You can read more about the book at Almond's site.  Also be sure to check out the "Bitchin' Soundtrack" section on the site, where you can hear a demo version of JH's "Our Song."

My copy only arrived today, but I can tell you from a quick glance that this is pretty hilarious, heartfelt stuff.

UPDATE:  Finished Almond's book, and I absolutely loved it.  He's my new hero… or maybe mentor.  His drooling fanaticism makes something like starting a Joe Henry blog seem only mildly obsessed by comparison.  I'll assume that if you're visiting this site, you'll find much to appreciate in it as well.

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