Tour Reports

A couple of show reviews, as the tour winds its way through the East Coast and then to the Midwest. 

San Francisco: 


Also, I received a few emails about the musicians joining JH on the tour. Longtime collaborators Jay Bellerose and David Piltch are playing drums and bass, respectively, and son Levon Henry joined the tour in NYC and will play sax for the remainder of the dates. 

I noticed a tweet from Tift Merritt that she caught the show at the Blue Note. I guess the word is out that these shows are not to be missed.


  1. I was in the front row for last night’s show in Philly, but an emergency took me away after only 3 songs. They sounded awesome. I’m praying someone has recordings out there (and that I can find them).

  2. You lucky americans! JH and Marc Ribot. Wow!
    I’ll hope he will heading for Europe soon.
    A great fan from the small country Holland

  3. yeah, david bromberg was his special guest in philly, boy can he play! I was lucky to be there and see joe – unbelievable is not the word, but close, thank you joe henry!!!

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