Joe Henry Spring Tour to kick off this week!

As a matter of fact, it kicked off in Seattle yesterday.  To all of you lucky bastards who will see JH and band over the next week or so, please feel free to send in reports or photos.

The brief – but jam-packed – nationwide tour traverses the West Coast this week before heading east and winding up in Minneapolis on March 14.

All dates here.


  1. Saw Joe last night in Portland. I was blown away. One of the best shows I have seen in a long time. Can’t wait to savor the new album at home.

  2. tonight’s show at the barns of wolf trap was worthy of comparison to the 1999 concert at the 8×10 in baltimore, which means it’s right at the top of a long lifetime of concert-going experiences of all kinds.
    i was literally laughing at the end of some songs, it was so wonderful.

  3. Great show in Ann Arbor last night. Full house – many people personal acquantances of Joe’s from his time there. Made for a very friendly vibe.
    Joe played nearly all of Blood From Stars, and a good helping of songs from Civilians, back through Trampoline. (Somebody yelled for ‘Sault Ste. Marie’; Joe don’t play that stuff anymore…)
    Joe invited an old friend of his – Phil Kelly – to join him on piano for several songs. He was awesome. According to Joe, Phil played him a Thelonius Monk album when he was 15, and changed his life. And, he noted, by extension Levon’s life too. I was very impressed with Levon, who looked a little nervous, but played like a pro.
    It was a 5-hour drive for me to get there from Canada, but worth every minute. I’ll do it again the next tour without hesitation.

  4. I am definitely gonna watch his show.he is a superb singer.I like his songs his voice…His show in Ann Arbor was a blast..If you missed that go and grab this chance.It worth spending money for joe Henry will be lucky if you get his show dont be late..

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