JH on Sam Phillips’ Phonebooth

Well, you have to be a subscriber to Sam Phillips' The LP (and why aren't you?), but JH recently joined Sam Phillips in the studio to work on her upcoming EP.  "Silent Night" was the title mentioned so I assume we can anticipate some holiday-themed tracks pretty soon.

In addition, they discuss a number of topics in her latest Phonebooth feature, and Joe performs an acapella version of Leadbelly's "You Must Have That True Religion".


  1. Hi David, you have excellent taste in music, as is obvious by your membership in The Long Play. I am also a subscriber, as everyone should be! Sam Phillips is my favorite artist of all time, and I loved her interview with Joe. Can’t wait to hear the Christmas EP! Glad to have discovered your blog — it looks very interesting.

  2. Anyone know if there’s a FLAC or pure wave file version of Sam Phillip’s music available? (I listen on my Big Audio Rig and I just don’t like the sound of mp3s.)

  3. Hey…to answer my own question, the Sam Phillips people came back to me and said that they’ve now posted FLAC versions of the subscription downloads.

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