JH on Peter Himmelman’s Furious World

A couple of weeks ago, Joe Henry appeared on Peter Himmelman's webcast Furious World.  You can watch the show by clicking here, then scrolling down the left side to the 9/29 show. 

Joe's appearnce kicks in at about 21:30, but I gotta say I really enjoyed the rest of Himmelman's show (which I'd never seen before).  In addition to Jay Bellerose on drums and Jennifer Condos on bass, Eric Heywood sits in on pedal steel guitar (he also joined JH for his recent KCRW performance).  Heywood's steel guitar really fits nicely into the mix — here's hoping he joins him on the road in the spring (assuming Marc Ribot is otherwise occupied).

Interesting story about "The Man I Keep Hid," incidentally.

One comment

  1. Well, I’ll be crappered. A blog devoted to Joe Henry. I’ve been listening to Joe Henry since “Short Man’s Room” and have blogged off and on about Joe Henry and, well, several other things over the years.
    My favorite? Still Fuse, I guess. I do love Blood From Stars more than Civilians I think, but we’ll see in a year or two.

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